We done went and got married.
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Anonymous said...

CONGRATS! That is so exciting!!! We'll need the whole story when you get back!

diaphinia said...

Felicitations to the newlyweds! Your trip looks gorgeous, for many reasons!

Sr. Benedicta said...

Once, in my first year of college when I was writing a paper against marriage in a Women's Psychology course, I wanted to write about a somewhat outmoded word describing the state of matrimony which had been irksome to me: wedlock. It had, for me, the ring of a ball and chain complete with key and lock. When I started my research I discovered (then to my dismay due to my fantastic theory) that wedlock comes from an Old English work "wedlac" - wed = "a compact" lac = "an offering or gift" in meaning akin to the Gothic word for "a dance." So, in essense, it is "the promise of a dance" which is one of the most beautiful descriptions that I have ever heard for marriage. I wish that for you both... a beautiful, long dance with different tempi and styles not forgetting pauses to take a breath and enjoy from a distance.